Other Exterior Services

When you own your own home, you ought to be able to take pride in its appearance, and many of the same maintenance services that keep your home looking nice also prevent damage and help your home keep its high value. At Nor-Cal Maintenance, we go beyond gutters and windows to provide services in Sonoma and Marin Counties, CA including:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Deck Refinishing and Staining
  • Screen Repair
  • Bird Abatement
  • Spring and Summer Services

Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning the panels is critical. To receive the maximum amount of electricity the panels should be cleaned no less than once per year some cases even twice. We provide an environmentally safe way to professionally clean each panel no matter how many or few or how easy or difficult the access we have the technology and capabilities.

Free Consultations

As a family-owned and operated business, Nor-Cal Maintenance understands the importance of finding the right solutions for every residential customer’s needs. We’re pleased to offer free personalized consultations with clients in need of exterior maintenance services. Our goal is to provide you with a start-to-finish plan, regardless of the scope of the project.

Get Expert Power Washing

When you’re in need of a local home maintenance team to get your house looking better than ever, we hope you’ll consider doing business with Nor-Cal Maintenance. Call us at 707-321-8477 to set up a free consultation and begin the process of giving your home a shiny new look!

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