Are Moss and Lichens Bad for My Roof?

Strong rains, howling winds, and random bits of debris falling from nearby trees are not the only threats to your roof. The stability of your roof could also be compromised by the presence of certain growths. To be more specific, moss and lichen could spell trouble for that part of your home.

Why are mosses and lichens bad for your roof? Discover the answer to that question and other relevant topics by reading on.

Why Should I Be Worried about Moss on My Roof?

The presence of moss on your roof should raise red flags immediately.

Once it’s on your roof, moss can continually absorb moisture and spread underneath your shingles. It can effectively dislodge those shingles. The inside of your home becomes vulnerable to rain if that happens.

Note that moss can continually damage your roof even if it isn’t exposed to rain. Moss can remove the oils covering your shingles. Those shingles become more susceptible to warping if they are no longer protected by oils.

Why Should I Be Worried about Lichens on My Roof?

Lichen is another type of growth that can cause serious damage to your roof. It manages to wreak havoc a bit differently.

The main issue with lichen is its preference for trapping humidity. As soon as lichen detects humidity in the air, it will quickly work on trapping it. That means the humidity is basically trapped between the lichen and your roof.

Too much humidity is bad for your roof. Shingles are more likely to bend or possibly even break if they are exposed to excessive amounts of moisture.

Why Do Mosses and Lichens Grow on Roofs?

How do mosses and lichens end up on your roof anyway? In all likelihood, the presence of those growths can be attributed to fungi and moisture.

Random bits of organic debris may contain fungi. If those fungi come into contact with water, they could eventually grow into mosses and lichens.

How Can I Prevent the Growth of Mosses and Lichens?

To prevent moss or lichen from growing on your roof, you need to clean that part of your home regularly. Go up there regularly to check for any signs of growth. If you do spot something troubling, you should be able to remove it quickly.

Alternatively, you can hire professionals to handle your roof’s maintenance. They can clean your roof thoroughly and protect it from those pesky growths.

Why Should I Have a Professional Remove the Moss from My Roof?

Mosses and lichens may have already taken over your roof by the time you noticed them. So, what can you do in that scenario? Hiring professional cleaners is a good idea.

Professional cleaners can pressure wash your roof to effectively remove any stubborn growths. They can also apply just the right amount of pressure to ensure that your roof shingles will remain intact throughout the cleaning process.

Regular cleaning may no longer suffice for out-of-control growths so don’t hesitate to enlist the help of professionals.

If your roof is made from composite shingles, professional cleaners can also remove the mosses and lichens by hand. Doing that will ensure that your composite roof will not sustain any damage.

Mosses and lichens are capable of inflicting serious damage to your home. Acknowledge the threat they present and deal with them properly by using the tips you picked up here.

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