4 Reasons To Clean Your Gutters Professionally at Least Twice a Year in Santa Rosa

When it comes to home maintenance, the gutters are often one of the most problematic areas of concern. Homeowners are often left to ask themselves any number of questions. How often should I get my gutters cleaned? Why should I get my gutters cleaned? Why should I get my gutters professionally cleaned in Santa Rosa?

For starters, gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year. They need to be cleaned regularly because there is no shortage of issues that can arise if they are not. Most importantly, professional cleaning is a must because it increases your level of safety and extends the lifespan of your gutters by eliminating potential damages.

To learn more about the four best reasons to clean your gutters professionally at least twice a year, read on!

1. Prevents Roof Damage

If the gutters become clogged, debris and water become backed up. Eventually, this spells major issues for the home’s roof. Rainy and cold seasons are when supreme caution must be exercised. Water clogs will freeze inside rain ducts if gutters are not properly cleaned. Ice dams lead to backflow, which is when the water begins to run in the opposite direction that it is supposed to. Cracks in the home’s foundation, mold growth, and irreparable damage to the roof can take place if it is not addressed by professionals.

2. Reduces Fire Hazards

Tree debris will often make its way into the gutters and when it does? It should never be given a chance to dry. If it has the chance to do so, it will become very combustible. Embers could ignite the debris and leave the home vulnerable to all sorts of damage. The roofing could be exposed, as well as the interior of the ceiling. While this is not a common issue, it should be avoided at all costs.

3. Protects the foundation

If gutters are not professionally cleaned on a regular basis, the water is not going to flow in the proper direction. When water runoff does not flow away from the building, the foundation of the home is left at risk. Water cannot be allowed to pool around the building for any reason. To avoid these types of concerns going forward, having your gutters cleaned professionally twice a year is the best bet. Otherwise, the risk of flooding and/or foundation damage becomes much higher.

4. Prevents future gutter clogs and damage

Annual cleanings are the best way to ensure that your Santa Rosa gutters are not clogged or damaged over the long haul. The more trees that the property has, the more frequent these cleanings should be. It’s the sort of chore that may seem meaningless but if not done on a regular basis? The external drainage system of the home will be in jeopardy. When gutters break, the home floods. In addition to the damages to the drainage system itself, you will now have a flooded attic to contend with. That’s why the experts should be contacted at all times.

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