Why You Should Hire a Professional to Clean Your Windows

Window washing is harder than it looks. If you’re not careful, you could accidentally damage the windows and get hurt in the process. The best route is to hire a professional window washing company based out of Sonoma County, CA.

Below are the top reasons why homeowners and business owners need a professional to clean their windows.

Create a lasting impression

Professional window washing is a must when you’re looking to impress. Homeowners should hire a professional crew to wash their windows when they put the house up for sale. Sparkling windows elevate curb appeal and make a great first impression during house tours. Business owners also benefit from professional-quality cleaning because it shows customers they care about maintaining a polished appearance.

Professionals guarantee high quality

Self-proclaimed DIY gurus believe they can clean their own windows, but more often than not, the finished job turns out just as streaky and dirty as before. The level of clean you’re looking for is only possible with a professional crew. They’ve spent years perfecting the art of window washing and delivering quality craftsmanship a DIY-er could never dream of.

Spend your time more wisely

There are more fruitful ways to spend your time than window washing. The project could easily waste a whole afternoon, possibly even days depending on how many windows are on your building. When you’re running a business, more dire tasks demand your attention than scrubbing windows. Homeowners could use that extra time to work on smaller, more manageable projects around the house.

Professionals bring the right tools

Generic cleaning spray and a roll of paper towels won’t cut it. Window washing requires a squeegee, a hose, extension poles, special cleaning solutions and a ladder that can reach multiple stories. The cost of equipment adds up quickly, and what you find at the store is nothing compared to the professional-grade tools that cleaning services use.

Preserve finishes on special windows

Professionals have the necessary expertise to clean specialized materials like tinted and stained glass windows. Business owners attempt to cut costs by cleaning these windows on their own, but special windows require special techniques and cleaning solutions. Unskilled hands could damage window finishes, making you end up spending the big bucks on repairs. Save money in the long run by hiring a professional window washing company in Sonoma County, CA.

Avoid heights and bee hives

First-floor windows might seem easy to clean, but it’s very dangerous to scale the side of a building. Homeowners and business owners run the risk of falling off ladders and hurting themselves. Besides, no one wants to climb up three stories, only to find a beehive waiting for them in a shutter! Professional window cleaners have the tools and experience needed to deal with heights and dangerous insects.

Cleaning windows on your own simply isn’t worth it. If your windows look a bit dingy, reach out to the professionals at Nor-Cal Maintenance Inc. We service all of Sonoma County, CA so that our customers receive top quality without putting in the work. We’re the window cleaning service you’ve been looking for.

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