Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from Embers

When homeowners see smoke in the distance, they take solace in knowing the wildfire is far away, but glowing debris can fly on the wind for long distances. One tiny ember is all it takes to set entire neighborhoods ablaze.

If your home is at risk for wildfires, consult the home hardening services in Sonoma County, CA about ember- and fire-resistant vents.

Cover vents with fireproof mesh

Homes in fire hazard zones need mesh grates that cover exterior vents. Windblown embers travel for miles through the air until they land on vulnerable structures. These pieces of glowing debris enter the home through open vents. They can ignite dust and leaf litter as well as the vents themselves. One glowing ember can turn your house into a raging inferno.

Safeguard your home by retrofitting the exterior with ember- and fire-resistant vents. Vulcan Vents, in particular, are covered with a mesh grate that allows for maximum airflow while blocking out embers. The mesh consists of a metal honeycomb pattern that expands when a wildfire draws near. The holes narrow, which allows air to flow while fortifying the home against a potential fire.

Clean rain gutters during fire season

Protection against wildfires involves more than a one-time installation of ember- and fire-resistant vents. Homeowners need to clean their rain gutters on a regular basis to eliminate the amount of debris that can catch on fire. Leaves, pine needles and twigs accumulate in the gutters and dry out during long periods without rain. Embers can ignite this debris, starting a fire that spreads to the roof and siding.

Before fire season begins, homeowners should book an appointment with gutter cleaning services in Sonoma County, CA. A crew of professional cleaners can thoroughly clear out your gutters to reduce the risk of fire in your home. They can also install gutter covers to prevent debris from gathering at all.

Hire a professional for home hardening

Home hardening is when professionals identify materials in the house’s structure that are most likely to catch fire. Insulation, fascia, roof shingles and air ducts are often constructed with highly-flammable materials. Once they detect vulnerable spots, they will recommend steps to fireproof your home.

The home hardening process depends on which materials make up your house. Contractors might recommend you switch to tile or metal shingles if you live in a high fire hazard area. As mentioned before, Vulcan Vents can block the accumulation of kindling and prevent embers from lighting it on fire. Gutter cleaning professionals can remove debris and apply a fire-resistant treatment around the roof.

You never know when a wildfire is going to strike. That’s why homeowners in Sonoma County, CA must fireproof their houses before it’s too late. The team at Nor-Cal Maintenance Inc. offers Vulcan Vents for customers who live in fire hazard zones. Taking a couple simple precautions can save your home and all who live inside it. Reach out to us today to learn more and schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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