7 Dangers of Having Faulty or Damaged Gutters

Does your property need gutter maintenance? Perhaps you’ve been putting off this task. If so, you should know that putting off gutter replacement can cause serious damage to your property. It’s not just about aesthetics—although that is an important issue in and of itself.

The lack of gutter maintenance on faulty or damaged gutters can actually lead to other significant problems. If you need gutter replacement, consider the following costs of not putting new gutters in place.

The exterior suffers

Without proper gutters in place to drain water from your property, the moisture will run down your exterior walls. This can cause the paint to chip or peel. It can also cause damage to doors and windows. In very little time, your exterior can suffer serious damage.

The interior suffers

As the rainwater travels down the side of your house, it can dampen the walls. This not only damages the structure and causes rot over time, but it can also generate mold growth. Mold poses health risks for animals and pets that occupy the home.

The basement suffers

If a healthy gutter system is not in place, the water cannot be directed away from your foundation. When this happens, the water is likely to work its way through cracks and enter your basement. This can cause incredible amounts of damage to the property and your belongings. It can also leave behind the risk for mold growth.

The foundation suffers

Lack of gutter maintenance allows excess rainwater to flow toward your foundation. The moisture can permeate the foundation and weaken it. This compromises the entire structural integrity of your property.

The lifespan suffers

Once moisture damage occurs due to lack of gutter maintenance, it can shorten the lifespan of your property. It can even cause enough damage to make your property uninhabitable. To keep your property in good shape for many years to come, don’t put off gutter replacement.

The value suffers

If you ever hope to resell your home, gutter maintenance is key. This will help you avoid the damages mentioned above and keep your property value higher. On the flip side, if you need gutter replacement and don’t make this upgrade, your property value will suffer. It will have less curb appeal, and it will suffer structural damage that diminishes its value.

Your bank account suffers

You may believe that you are saving money by putting off gutter maintenance, but you are costing yourself more in the long run. This lack of maintenance causes the many types of damage listed previously, which can require expensive repairs. Plus, it lowers your property value, so you will not be able to get as much profit if you try to sell the home.

Avoid the dangers

Now here’s the good news: You can easily avoid these dangers by contacting Nor-Cal Maintenance Inc. We are your local gutter maintenance experts. We specialize in gutter services and gutter replacement in Sonoma County, CA. Contact us today to keep your property in top shape and reap the benefits of gutter maintenance for years to come. Reach our team at 707-321-8477.

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