4 Reasons to Use Professional Bird Abatement This Spring

Property owners often assume they’re capable of handling issues with pesky flocks of birds. There are certainly some deterrents you can purchase at your local hardware store, but if the problem is bad enough, you’ll find that it will not only be expensive to fix but that you might need to attempt a lot of trial-and-error approaches if you don’t have the necessary professional knowledge.

Therefore, it’s instead in your best interest to hire a professional for your bird and pigeon abatement. Rather than opting for DIY solutions that may or may not work, you can save money by getting effective solutions the very first time.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the biggest benefits associated with investing in professional bird abatement in Sonoma County, CA rather than trying your own solutions:

  • More effective: Bird control companies with professional training and experience are capable of providing more effective solutions that actually last so you won’t have to worry about those annoying flocks of birds returning to wreak havoc on your property. They’ll be able to implement these solutions without causing any interruption to your everyday life or business operations, and they’ll be able to quickly locate the source of the problem and address it so you have a permanent solution.
  • Timely and efficient: If you attempt a DIY solution, it might take you weeks to determine exactly what materials and tools you need to deal with your bird problem. After that, it’ll take hours for you to get set up, and there’s no guarantee that time will pay off—you might end up with a so-called solution that doesn’t actually work. When you work with a professional, they’ll already have all the tools and equipment needed to handle your bird problem, will be much more efficient with setup and will be able to resolve the issue the first time around, saving you a significant amount of time and stress.
  • Safety: Bird control companies understand how to handle your pest problem both efficiently and safely. Their methods will avoid damaging the building or endangering the health and wellbeing of you and your employees. The deterrents used will also be safe for the animals that must be kept away from the property. Respectable bird abatement companies will only use safe, nontoxic materials to control pesky birds.
  • Thorough: Pest birds often leave behind droppings, nests and various debris that can reflect poorly on a commercial property and potentially damage or deteriorate a residential property. Bird abatement professionals don’t just get rid of the pests—they also sanitize and clear the affected area of your property once the birds have been sufficiently deterred.

Interested in learning more about what goes into bird abatement and why it’s so beneficial to work with a professional rather than trying DIY solutions? We encourage you to contact our team at Nor-Cal Maintenance Inc. in Sonoma County, CA. With nesting season just around the corner, the time is now to prioritize bird abatement.

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