Why You Should Invest in Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are very popular in the American West, especially in parts that see a significant amount of sunshine every year. For the environmentally-conscious consumer, solar panels help reduce a home’s carbon footprint and deliver clean, renewable energy at a low price.

Most solar panels are self-cleaning, but even with that functionality, there’s still the potential for dust, bird droppings and various other substances to build up over time, especially if there is minimal tilt or if the panel is located in a dry area. This makes it important to invest in occasional solar panel cleaning in Sonoma County, CA so you can maintain excellent performance with your panels.

Here are just a few reasons why you should leave this job to a professional rather than trying to go at the panels yourself with pressure washing tools:

  • Warranties: The warranties for your solar panels will likely include stipulations for maintenance and cleaning. Working with professionals who specialize in cleaning solar panels ensures you’ll be able to satisfy the conditions of those warranties. Attempt to do the job yourself and there’s a possibility you could void your warranty, which could result in you losing a lot of money if something goes wrong with a panel.
  • Better cleaning: Rainwater alone will not clean off your solar panels. This is because that rainwater, especially in metropolitan areas, will contain dust particles and other debris that will attach themselves to the surface of solar panels after the water evaporates. This will result in grime building up that can reduce the amount of light you’re getting through the panels and, thus, decrease the efficiency of the panels.
  • Maximum efficiency: A buildup of dirt will reduce the amount of energy the solar panels produce. This energy loss can reach up to 30 percent, especially if you fall way behind in your panel cleaning. Working with a professional to get your solar panels clean will make your solar system much more efficient and give you your money’s worth.
  • Preventative maintenance: Having a professional handle your solar panel cleaning also gives them an opportunity to inspect the condition of your panels so you can catch any issues as they arise before they turn into major problems that could be expensive to repair. The technicians handling the cleaning can also check the inverter display to make sure everything is functioning appropriately.
  • Lower risk of electrocution: The risk of electrocution can be high if the glass that protects the solar cells breaks and allows water into the panel. If you get up and clean your panels frequently, this will allow you to check the condition of the panels and make sure they’re not beginning to crack or break, leading to safer operation and lower risk of injury.

These are just a few examples of some of the biggest reasons why you should leave your solar panel cleaning to the pros. For more information about solar panel cleaning and pressure washing in Sonoma County, CA, contact us at Nor-Cal Maintenance Inc.

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